Am I Normal?


Sex is a pretty hot topic.

Over the past 14 years that I’ve worked with Human Design, I’ve learned that most people are worried about whether they are “normal” or not.

When it comes to sex, there is no such thing as “normal”.  We are a pretty complex and diverse species.

Truth is, we are sexual beings.  We’re designed to be.  In Human Design, the center for sex and sexuality, the Sacral Center,  is the most powerful motor in the body.  It’s also the only consistent sustainable energy source in the Human Design chart.

When we look at the energy for sexuality and it’s connections in the chart, it’s a pretty complex thing.  Sex is connected to the energy for work, reproduction, marriage, contracts, war, peace, resources, values, nature, abundance, mutation, focus and concentration, rhythm and starting and finishing things…

No wonder our ideas about sex and sexuality are so varied and complicated…

We have so many funny ideas about sex and sexuality.  We’re bombarded with images that are glaringly sexual and yet we’re taught that one-night-stand sex is bad or dirty.  We’re fed the idea that sex is supposed to happen in committed partnerships, with one person, of the opposite gender.  And many, if not most of us, struggle to try to fit our sexuality into that narrow little box.

Truth is, when you look at a Human Design chart, there is no one-size-fits-all definition of what is good, normal sex.  As humans we are designed to be monogamous, polyamorous, married, single, parents, without kids, soul mates, one night stands, friends first, seductive, shy, experimental, consistent, sensual and a godzillion other combinations.

In other words, as long as no one gets hurt and everything is consensual, there really is no wrong way to express sexuality.

The only that that consistent is that we are designed to make sure that we are emotionally clear about our choice to engage in a sexual relationship.  It’s not designed to be a choice that is taken lightly because…well…sex has life and death consequences.

If you’ve got questions about your sexuality, what makes you tick, what turns you on or off, your relationships style, your bonding strategy, what attracts you, what makes you stay in a relationship and what makes you stray, how to love your partner better and more… join our Understanding Human Design Community – Sexuality and Human Design is one of the general Human Design Courses there – find out more at https://understandinghumandesign.com

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. How to discover your “bonding strategy” in your chart
  2. What is “normal” sexuality for you
  3. What kinds of relationships are good for you
  4. How to be a better partner
  5. How to accept your sexuality without judging yourself (and others)
  6. How to determine your “romance” style and what you can do to create more romance in your life.
  7. How to stop taking sexual judgement personally.  (Hey!  We’re all unique!!)

This is a powerful program for you whether you’re single, married or any other combination.

In my years as a Human Design teacher, this information is the most fun, enlightening and important information you can learn about yourself and your partner.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s “wrong” with you…on Wednesday, I’m going to show you what’s RIGHT about you!

Please join me:



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