Activate the Super Powers of your Throat & Sacral – QA Show

Activate the Super Powers of Your Throat and Sacral Centers

Join guest host, Maggie Ostara, Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist for this Quantum Alignment Show focused on activating the super powers of your Human Design.

The Throat Center and Sacral Center are two of the most significant centers in the Human Design chart. Each plays a vital role with pretty much everything in your life, whether you have it defined (colored in) or open (white) in your chart. The Sacral Center provides you with life force energy and is the most powerful engine in the chart. Think vrrrrooomm vrrrooomm.

The Throat Center enables you to express yourself and to manifest what you desire in life. We like to say that if Human Design were a game, the object of the game would be to get power to the throat. This is just one of many reasons understanding and accessing the super power qualities of these centers is so important.

This Quantum Alignment Show is for you if:

  • You ever struggle with not having enough energy and you’re not sure why.
  • You have trouble speaking up and then when you do either no one seems to hear you or they get annoyed with you.
  • When you move forward with your ideas other people can feel offended or pushed around.
  • Sometimes you feel super energetic and articulate, and other times you struggle to get going with your day or to express what you mean.
  • Creating what you want in your life feels mysterious and hit or miss.
  • You feel overwhelmed with information and options and lack confidence in your decisions.

Plus you want to:

  • Have all the energy you need when you want and need it.
  • Be heard and seen, and have influence when you express your point of view and what’s true for you.
  • Be able to create what you desire in your life consistently and with less effort.
  • Feel the magic that comes when you’re in tune with the Flow of Life that activates synchronicities and serendipity.

During this QAS, you will receive guidance that you can put into practice in your life immediately. This will give you a taste of how accessing and expressing your Human Design super powers can benefit your life right now. If you want to discover more,

Maggie will also let you know about her Activate Her Super Powers with Human Design program that is opening this week. Maggie’s created a worksheet to help you prepare for or to use during the show. You can download it here as her gift. If you can, also bring your Human Design chart to the program so you can apply what you learn to your own chart. Worksheet: https://sovereigntybydesign.com/super…

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