Abundance in Great Measure…

Dawn with a rising fiery sun over a field of wheat with a hand silhouette stretching down to touch one of the fresh ears of grain in a conceptual image of nature, crops and agriculture.

It’s hard to look at how sweet the transits are right now and then read the news and not wonder…”What the heck is going on?!!”

Here is the thing about transit energies and all of the energies in the Human Design chart.  These are THEMATIC energies.  That means that, if our heads and our hearts are in the right place, we get to live out the “high” side of the theme.  If we’re struggling with a good mindset or we are riddled with hatred and unforgiveness in any areas of our life, then we live out the “low” side of the theme.

You have the power to create an incredible week for yourself no matter what the transits, if you are strongly centered in your heart and you mind is clear and open…

So, even though the events of this past weekend are shocking and horrifying, we still have the power to find the good and create more of it, when we are aware.  With Uranus in the Gate 51, the Gate of Shock and Initiation, until April 15 next year, we expect to see events that are shocking and unexpected.

This shocking energy is not supposed to destroy us.  It’s supposed to remind us that we are most powerful when we surrender to Spirit and allow our lives to be guided by love and forgiveness.  These are initiating events and we have a choice when we bump up against them.  We can either push back or we can surrender to something bigger than our individual selves.


Back to our regular Evolution Report…

We work all week with the Gate 14, Possession in Great Measure, in the sun.  This is a powerful energy that rains blessings upon us, that promises that our “work” bears fruit, provided…we let go and respond to what shows up.  In other words, this is not about working “hard” but about working correctly and letting the Universe show you where you need to go next.  Listen, attune yourself and then respond to what shows up this week.  Your response will bring you blessings for the next quarter.

Of course, when this energy transits, it also has the potential to make us worried about finances.  If you get up into your head, go for a walk, surrender and remember that things will work better for you if you let go and see what happens.  You’ll get a message this week about what to do next.

The Earth is nicely nestled in the Gate 8, Contribution, and we are grounded in making our unique contribution to the world.  This is a nice follow-up energy to what we’ve been working with over the past two weeks.  You are designed to make a unique contribution to the world and it’s not so much about what you “do” as part of your contribution but what you “be”.  The more you express your Authentic Self, the more you contribute to the world…

Mercury is also in the Gate 14.  Our conversations and connections expand on our blessings.  It’s also a good week to talk about money stuff with your partner.  You’ll have the support of the planet to help you look at the patterns that need to change for you to expand on your abundance.

Venus is in the Gate 48, the Gate of Depth, and we want to go deep with our partners.  Again, a powerful energy that supports intimate conversations and a good time to do work that helps you break patterns that are keeping you both stuck.

Mars starts the week in the Gate 46, the Love of the Body, moving to the Gate 18, Correction, on Thursday and we move from a sweet, sensual energy to an energy that, again, supports us in breaking old patterns that are keeping us stuck.  We’re really doing the work this week and getting clear about what needs to be moved aside so that we can best make our contribution to the world.

We have another big shift in the outer planets…a welcome one, I believe.  Saturn moved from the Gate 34, Power, to the Gate 9, Focus on Monday.  Remember that Saturn is our teacher.  The energy of Saturn destroys that which no longer serves us, and in particular, that which is keeping us from fulfilling our purpose.  We’ve played with Saturn in the Gate 34 on and off all year, learning that our true power comes not from pushing and toiling, but from surrender.

With the Gate 9, Focus, in Saturn, our ability to become laser sharp in our focus and to be able to hold a vision of what we want for our lives is strong.  The craziness and the intensity of the last few months continues to settle down and we can get down to doing what needs to get done.

The other outer planets are reminding us that our mindset creates an emotional vibration and the emotional vibration creates our reality.  With renewed focus, we can deliberately maintain a vibration that becomes the template for building a world of sustainable peace and abundance for all.

Have a wonderful week!!




The 14th Hexagram – Possession in Great Measure

The 14th Hexagram is a really fun energy.  Most people who have this energy in their natal charts will try to tell you that money is “no big deal”.  That’s because having this energy present makes it much easier to earn money so money (and other physical manifestations) are not always so important to the 14.

However, there is more to this energy than money and there is a powerful lesson we can learn from the 14.  Money ISN’T everything.  It’s an expression of value and our resources are not always in physical wealth but in our expansion in consciousness, love and pure presence to life.

This week, global energies ask us to take our new insights and ideas and to see the bigger meaning and the “higher” contribution we can make with our ideas.  We are invited to start taking actions that are in alignment with that which brings us joy, excitement and amplifies Life Force energy.

When we follow our bliss, the money follows us.

Affirmation:  I respond to the things which bring me joy.  I pay attention to my excitement and passion and allow myself to trust that the Universe is deliciously conspiring to find ways to support me in the pursuit of my passion.  I do what I want to do.  I do what feels correct.  I honor my joy and excitement and commit to feeling good, knowing that this is the most important contribution I can make to the planet at this time.

Writing Assignment:

1.        Make a list of everything you are doing right now that you find inspiring and delicious.  Make a commitment to yourself to follow at least one of these inspirations each day.

2.       What would your life look like if you only followed your passion?  What would you be doing?  What would your life feel like?  What would be your energy level?

3.       Do you trust the Universe to support you in following your bliss?  Is it okay to make money doing what you love?  Can you do what you love and know that you will be supported?

EFT Setup:  Even though I’m afraid that I can’t do what I love and make money, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.


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