Abundance Consciousness – Open Will Center

Open Will Center

Will Center or Ego Center

Wise about value, business, managing material resources
Amplifies Will Power of others
Questions value of self
Needs to prove oneself
Do not make promises

Questions for the open Will Center: Do I value myself? Am I taking care of myself? Do I trust the Universe enough to rest and resource myself? Am I pushing too hard? Am I burned out? Do I need to nurture myself first before I move forward? What am I trying to prove?

Affirmation for the open Will Center: I enter into all agreements according to my Human Design Strategy. I make promises and commitments very carefully and deliberately, and only according to my Human Design Strategy. I have nothing to prove and I value myself deeply. I fearlessly ask to be paid what I am worth.

Affirmations For My Defined Will Center:
It is important for me to rest. Rest allows me to recharge my willpower. I honor the promises that I make. I make deliberate promises and understand that people expect me to keep my promises. I am gentle with my expectations of others. Not everyone can just do
the things that I do.

The Will Center is the Center that is most closely associated with money. The Will Center is the Center for will power and gives us the energy to push to create resources. It also gives us the energy to endure when things are tough and the capacity to convert ideas and information into money. It is a vital part of the circuitry in the chart that is associated with business, budgeting, money and, ironically, spirituality.

The other irony of the Will Center is that 7/8 of the people on the planet do not have consistent willpower, yet we are obsessed with it and have a tendency to beat ourselves up if we don’t have it.

If you don’t have willpower you are not weak nor do you have some kind of personality flaw. You are normal.

The Will Center is a motor and consequently has power. But the irony of the Will Center is that the full capacity of this energy Center isn’t activated until we surrender to Source. In other words, if you let go and value yourself enough to nurture and take care of yourself and trust that you’ll be provided for, you’ll activate a lot more energy than if you use your human will and push hard.

The Will Center is designed to work and also to rest. The purpose of the resting cycle of willpower is to re-Source yourself so that you can create more resources. The metaphor of the Will Center is told beautifully in the Old Testament. When the Israelites escape slavery and are wandering in the desert, they are worried and afraid because they have no food. God tells the people not to worry that He will provide for the People every day by giving them a special food called Manna. The people do not have to do anything to create or make the Manna. They simply need to go and gather it each day.

They are instructed not to take more than their share and, if someone is unable to gather their share, they are to bring the Manna to the person in need. In addition, God tells the People that on the sixth day of each week, they will be given an extra share of Manna to eat on the seventh day which is to be a day of rest and reconnection with God.

This is the story of the story of the Will Center. We are designed to receive all of the resources we need and to have enough to rest and restore ourselves before we go out and create again.

There are two factors that influence how we effectively use this energy. First of all, we have to trust in the infinite supply of the Universe relax into the knowing that when we rest, we will still be supported and when we emerge from rest, we will have more energy to create.

Secondly, we have to value ourselves enough to nurture and take care of ourselves so that we can better fulfill our destinies and be capable of doing the work we need to do to turn ideas into resources.

Because the Will Center is directly connected to both the Emotional Solar Plexus and the G-Center, it is part of the vagal nerve- mind-body-heart connection that is a vital part of the creative cycle. How much you value money, work, your creative contribution and, most importantly, yourself influences the G-Center and the magnetic monopole and, consequently, what you’re attracting into your life.

When you have an open Will Center, you are designed to become wise about what is truly valuable in life and we often discover that true value has nothing to do with money. In fact, research shows that the majority of people in America value freedom more than they value money.

The open Will Center is often motivated by a need to prove it’s value and worth. When you have an open Will Center, it’s common to try to prove how hard you work to demonstrate your value. The truth is, we are all inherently valuable and you add the most value to the world and to your work when you value yourself enough to take care of yourself in a joyful, sustainable way.

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