Abundance Consciousness – Open Throat Center

Abundance Consciousness – Open Throat Center

The Open Throat Center

*Speaks for others; modulates
*Wise about communication
*Needs recognition to be heard
*Recognition can drive decisions
*May push to be heard, burn out
*Patterns of inappropriate ways to get attention; pressure to speak

Questions for the Open Throat Center: Are my actions motivated by a need for attention and recognition? Am I pushing with energy that I don’t have?

Affirmations For My Open Throat Center:
My words are heard best when I am invited to speak. I save my words for people who truly desire to hear my point of view and insights. I wait for the right people to ask me and value my words.

Affirmations For My Defined Throat Center
I speak with great responsibility and know the true source of my words. I allow others to have a voice and I use my words to invite
others to share.

The Throat Center is the Center for communication and manifestation into action. In the Human Design Chart, the Throat Center is more like a gear box and regulates, to a certain degree, the rest of the chart.

The Throat Center is the Center where we translate ideas and possibilities, as well as energy for “doing” into words. Words ground us and anchor us in the earthly world and make it easier for us to communicate ideas and what needs to be done with each other.

In the Hebrew language, the word for “word” and the word for “thing” are the same word. Things do not become “things” until we can define them with words. You can see the tremendous creative potential in the Throat Center when you understand this.

If Human Design was a game, the name of the game would be to get as much energy as possible to the Throat Center. Manifestos and Manifesting Generators have a motor (Sacral, Will, Emotional Solar Plexus or the Root) connected to their Throat Center via a defined Channel. When you have a motor to your Throat, you can initiate conversations and certain actions, in the way that’s right for your Human Design Type.

Generators, Projectors and Reflectors do not have motors connected to their Throat Centers. That means that they need to get their energy for manifesting from their connections with other people. In other words, Generators, Projectors and Reflectors are people “who need people” to get things done in the world.

(Quick tip: If you are a Generator, Projector or Reflector and you feel like you’re struggling to get something done, you can often benefit from the collective aura of places like coffee shops, because in those kinds of places, you can “pick” up the energy of others and get more power for doing connected to your Throat Center.)

Whatever Center gets connected to your Throat Center will determine a lot about how you perceive yourself and what you like to talk about. If you are a Generator, Projector or Reflector, because you don’t have the capacity to imitate the way Manifestors and Manifesting Generators do, you may find that you can sometimes feel like no one hears you.

Having a non-motorized Throat Center means that you do best in conversations and interactions where other people give you something to respond to or ask you a question first.

This is even more true of you have an Open Throat Center. When you have an Open Throat Center, you are here to be wise about communication. You have the capacity to modulate the way you talk and share information with others based on their design. An Open Throat gives you a lot of variability in how you communicate with others.

But to be heard with an Open Throat Center you have to be recognized or asked. If you have an Open Throat and you are not waiting to be asked, you run the risk of spending a lot of energy trying to get attention so you can be heard and, even when you’re heard, you run the risk of people not really understanding what you’re asking for.

Let’s look at this in the context of the traditional “success formula” that we are taught from an early age. Even in school we are trained that to be successful in life you have to “grab the bull by the horns” and “the early bird gets the worm” and you can “manifest your destiny” by “pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps.”

All nice concepts for Manifestors and Manifesting Generators, but for the rest of humanity, especially those of you with Open Throats, to try to force your success in this style only results in you using a lot of energy you don’t have and then feeling invisible in the world.

In addition, because a non-motorized Throat Center needs to be recognized or given something to respond to to be heard, Generators, Projectors and Reflectors are often motivated by a need to seek attention. That means that sometimes they give up what they truly want and do things that they think others will notice or approve of. This kind of motivation makes it difficult to align with your authentic desires because the need for attention overrides what you really need and want.

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