Abundance Consciousness – Open Head Center

Abundance Consciousness – Open Head Center

Living true to your Human Design Type is, by far, the most important part of creating abundance in your life. If you only do one thing – live true to your Human Design Type – you will begin to experience a completely different level of alignment and abundance in your life.

While living your Type is the simplest way to tap into your abundance blueprint, understanding more subtle areas of your energetic hard-wiring, can speed up the process of living true to your authentic self. Knowing how the configuration of your nine energy Centers influences the way you think and feel gives you powerful insight into why you’ve made the choices that you’ve made in the past and gives you ways to leverage your energy in a whole new way so that you are more conscious and deliberate in what you choose to create in your life.

There are nine energy Centers in the Human Design chart. Each Center is responsible for processing specific kinds of energies. In addition, how you use and experience these energies is influenced by which Centers you have “open” (white) and “defined” (colored in).

Open Centers take in energy in an amplified way. Because of this, wherever you have open Centers in your chart, you will be “imprinted” by other people’s energies. This “imprinting” can create predictable belief and behavior challenges that, if you don’t understand how your energy system operates, can take you away from what is truth for you and, of course, away from the authentic expression of your abundance.

Understanding your open Centers can really help you see why and how you may feel stuck in your life, why you’ve made the decisions you’ve made, the motivations that drive you to choose what you choose and how you can leverage your open Centers instead of allowing your energy to be “hijacked” by others.

Each Center has a specific theme and a specific unconscious motivation that kicks in when you aren’t aware of how your open Centers work. When you become conscious of how your energy Centers work, you can begin to use your openness to deeply understand others, assess the energy around you and make wise choices that are rooted in what is authentic and abundant for you, without defaulting to old patterns that may not even belong to you.

Over the next few days you will be given a brief overview of each Center, how the open Center theme of each Center may be affecting your abundance consciousness and some exercises to help you get more clear about how you have been imprinted by other people’s energies. If you’d like to learn more about the nine Centers, I invite you to check out my book, Understanding Human Design, The New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are.

Open Head Center

Inspiration and ideas
Pressure to figure things out
Influenced by ideas of others
Use Strategy to know which ideas to take action on

Question for the Open Head Center: Am I trying to fulfill someone else’s inspiration? Am I under pressure to figure things out? Do I trust that the answers I seek will be revealed to me? Am I allowing myself to dream and stay in wonder?

Affirmation For Open Head Center:
I am deeply inspired all the time. I am wise about what is truly inspiring. I follow my strategy to help me decide what I need to do. The questions in my head are from others. I don’t have to answer all of them. Only the ones that truly excite me!

Affirmations For My Defined Head Center:
I am inspired and inspiring. I spread inspiration everywhere I go and I
share my ideas and inspirations with others.

The Head Center is the Center for ideas and inspirations. Most of us have this Center open. We receive inspiration from the forces and energies around us and in the Head Center, this inspiration is translated into questions of wonder and possibility.

The Head Center has three primary questions, “how”, “what if” and “can this be true”. When we get inspired, we are not designed to have answers to our inspiration, only questions. The purpose of the Head Center is to imagine and dream about possibilities, not to figure things out.

But, not trying to figure things out is tricky because the Head Center is a pressure Center. When we get inspired, most of us get under pressure to find the answers to the questions that inspiration triggers.

When we don’t understand that this pressure is the pressure to dream, not the pressure to “do”, we mistakenly leap into action trying to force the manifestation of an inspiration or a thought. This often results in the expenditure of a lot of energy with little results. True inspiration comes from outside of us in the material world, not from our thinking.

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