Hi! My Name is Karen Curry Parker.

I have been a nurse, a Life Coach and a trainer for all of my adult life. I studied as a Life Coach with Thomas Leonard (considered by many to be the “father” of Life Coaching) more than 30 years ago. I established one of the very first Life Coaching practices in America and created the first Family Coach Certification Training in the world.

From my work as a Life Coach and coaching over 8,500 people over the past 30 years, I know that the single biggest cause of pain and suffering on the planet is the disconnect people experience when they are not living an authentic life. Most people experience this disconnect as a lack on some level that manifests in financial, relationship, physical, creative, and even spiritual pain.

When people discover who they are, how they are hard-wired for success, and their natural creative capacity, they can not only get out of pain, but accelerate the fulfillment of their personal potential and create truly meaningful lives.

I first learned Human Design in 2000 and was secretly using it in my Life Coaching practice with my clients. Initially I was uncomfortable with using an “untested,” astrologically-based assessment system in my practice. I had been using the Meyers-Briggs assessment tool as part of my practice, but the information that I got from the Human Design chart gave me an unparalleled ability to see straight into the heart of my clients.

Human Design helped me tailor my coaching to best meet the needs of my clients and dramatically reduced the amount of time I needed to help my clients meet their goals and create success.

My background in healing, my training as a Life Coach, and my deep love for helping people activate their highest potential has inspired me to create a Human Design training system that helps my students integrate this powerful tool in an accelerated and integrated way. I created the Human Design for Everyone(TM) and the Quantum Alignment System(TM) trainings based on my professional studies in how to optimize learning.

I am currently completing my PhD research on how DNA regulators “uplevel” when people redefine the story of who they think they are. My research is showing me that when people perceive themselves as being more lovable, powerful, emotionally wise, courageous, decisive, self-trusting, vital, authentic, and valuable, not only does their life get better, it literally changes their DNA.

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