A new Human Design book – The Quantum Human

A new Human Design book – Quantum Human

Today is a day I’ve been waiting 15 years for!

I’m proud, excited, scared and eager to share my new book, The Quantum Human, with you!

Human Design contains within it a prophecy of the future of the world.   As we grow and change, the Human Design chart, our human energy “blueprint” is changing.  Our creative ability is expanding and our ability to fulfill the potential for a peaceful, just and sustainable world is growing.

University of Notre Dame anthropologist Agustin Fuentes says that, “The essence of creativity is to look at the world around us, see how it is and imagine other possibilities.  Creativity is seeing the possibilities and trying to make those imaginings into material reality.”

Our ability to create is what makes us human.  What we do with our innate creative power makes us either extremely advanced or extremely dangerous.  To create the fulfillment of the human potential, we have to create with not only our creative ability, we have to create with Heart.

We are on the cusp of a new Global Cycle, one the promises to bring the potential for peace and creativity on a level we’ve yet to see on this planet. We are about to fulfill our true human potential.

Our human energy “blueprint” is in a constant state of flux as we grow and change. As our creative ability expands and our ability to fulfill the potential for a peaceful, just, and sustainable world grows, knowing about the new Global Cycle we’re about to enter has never been more important.

The Quantum Human

In The Quantum Human, you will learn:

  • What’s REALLY happening in the world right now and why there’s so much tension and conflict
  • How the Human Design chart has evolved
  • New changes in the chart and how you might be impacted
  • How to be fully aligned with the coming changes
  • How to deepen your purpose and mission to ensure you do your part in creating a better world

This FULL-COLOR edition will also show you how to reprogram your DNA so you can overcome outdated ancestral programming and help your body hold higher energy frequencies.

Remember … when you reclaim the truth of who you are, you not only create a life that is worthy of you, you also take your place in service to the world.

I hope you enjoy my book.  It my love note to the future of our amazing world.

From my Heart to Yours,

Get your copy by clicking here

P.S.  I’ve created a Spotify playlist to go with my book.  I hope these songs inspire you as we do the “work” to create peace in the world.


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