9 Keys to Protecting Your Energy through Understanding the Nine Human Design Centers

9 Keys to Protecting Your Energy through Understanding the Nine Human Design Centers

Do you relate to any of these?

You often struggle to stay focused or feel unclear.

You feel like you have to fight for attention or to feel heard.

You don’t feel like it’s safe or acceptable for you to be yourself.

You often feel like you have to prove yourself to others.

You’re empathic and sensitive and you don’t want to upset other people, even if it means you have to stuff your own needs and wants.

You are constantly under pressure to do something or figure something out.

You don’t always know when to stop.

You hold on to ideas, old hurts…even your belongings…for longer than you should.

If you relate to any of these, you’re Conditioned.

We are hardwired to be in flow with our energy.  We are constantly giving and receiving energy.

What kinds of energy you give and receive is unique to your Human Design chart.

If you don’t understand how your energy works, it’s easy to let your own energy get “hijacked” by others.  In Human Design we call this Conditioning.  Conditioning can also be a major cause of burnout, anxiety and stress.

We are all Conditioned.  There’s no way to avoid it. 

But there are ways to manage Conditioning – even get control over it and use it as a strength and a source of wisdom…

There are two kinds of energies in your Human Design chart, Defined Energy and Open Energy.

Anything you have “colored” in on your chart is your Defined energy.  This is energy that you tend to experience in a consistent way and is part of what you’re here to give the world.

The elements on your chart that are “white” are what we call Open.  Anything that is Open on your chart is where you take in energy from the world around you.  Not only that, you also amplify energy in your Open Centers.  This is where we experience most of our Conditioning.

That means that you often feel and react to energy that doesn’t even belong to you!

It also means that sometimes you spend a lot of energy trying to be someone you’re not.

Traditional Human Design teaches about the challenges of the Open Centers.  But there’s more to understanding the Centers than just working with your Open-ness.

Our Defined Centers are often misunderstood too!

Each Center has a purpose and a function.  Your Defined Centers are a crucial part of who you are.

BUT, most of us learn to turn down or minimize the quantity and quality of the energy we carry. This is also Conditioning.

Here’s the deal.  You are uniquely hard-wired to fulfill a purpose.  Your Centers, whether they are Defined or Open, play a powerful role in the curriculum of your Soul.  How your Centers operate bring you lessons and opportunities to grow, become masterful and, ultimately, fulfill your Life Purpose.

When you don’t understand the nature of how your unique hard-wiring works, it’s easy to struggle with energy that isn’t yours, you lose connection to your sense of value and your right place in the world.

This, in turn, can disrupt your motivation, exhaust and deplete you impacting every area of your life including money, your relationships, your health and wellness, your career and more.

Isn’t it time you gained control of your energy and learned to use the power of your Human Design chart to help you express the power of all of Who You Truly Are?

Join me, Karen Curry Parker, author of Understanding Human Design, for a brand new Human Design Community Class:

The Nine Centers

In this 10-part self-study program (with 2 Bonus LIVE Q&A sessions!) you will learn:

  • How your unique Human Design configuration influences your life and your energy
  • The meaning and the purpose of each of the nine Centers
  • How to de-condition your Centers and stop reacting to energy that doesn’t belong to you
  • The Quantum Purpose of each of the Centers and how to use your energy to create what you want in your life
  • The new, high-frequency language for each of the Centers that helps you activate your full potential and change your DNA
  • How your Centers influence your relationships, your money, your health, your creative fulfillment and more!
  • How to unravel old energy patterns that may be keeping you from fully expressing Who You Truly Are in the world
  • How to de-Condition your Centers so that you can activate your vitality and feel energetic and dynamic again

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 10 self-study videos
  • 10 homework packets with explorations and exercises to help you rewrite old stories, de-condition and create new energy patterns
  • A private FB group to post your insights and share your experiences (because you learn better in community with each other!)
  • 2 live Q&A sessions (one morning session and one evening session) with me, Karen Curry Parker, to help you get your most pressing questions answered.
  • Exclusive access to brand-new Human Design language for the Centers. (This is the first time this language is being shared!)
  • Affirmations to help you find the gifts, blessings and strengths of your Centers and to remind you how to stay connected to your True Power

Class starts:  July 31

Live Q&A sessions:  October 7 (morning and evening sessions available!)

Cost:  $97

You are designed to be sovereign over your own energy.  You have strength, power and purpose.  When you understand how your Centers operate, your unique hard-wiring and the wisdom you carry, you will learn how to engage with the world in a healthy, vital and empowered way.

So that you can do what you came here to do.

And be who you came here to be.

You deserve it.  And the world needs you.

It’s time.

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From my Heart to Yours,