2021 – The Year of Revolution and Reformation and Faith

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We Can Have Faith in 2021 – The Year of Revolution and Reformation

I don’t like starting my summary of the year ahead with a cautionary note, but I think it’s vital that we enter the new year with the awareness that we are in the beginning of a revolution that started in late 2019 and promises to continue until 2024. Patience and the ability to sustain and endure are vital.

I want to gently remind you that the celestial weather and cycles of the next few years are bringing us essential energy to help us build an equitable, sustainable, and peaceful world.  We can’t just imagine and wish for a better world. We must do the inner and outer work of dismantling old structures, destroying outdated beliefs, and demolish the institutions and systems that no longer reflect our evolved understanding of the inherent value and beauty of all life on the planet.

Pluto blog

Pluto continues to bless us with the theme of Truth this year.  We are like Cosmic Spies of the Heart wearing powerful X-Ray glasses that allow us to see beyond the obvious and notice what patterns and Truths hide underneath.  As lies, hidden agendas, dark drives, and motivations continue to be revealed alongside Truth, we will need to do the work to take down these old structures and begin the process of building something radically New.

We are learning to clear the inner effects of our conditioning that have clouded our vision. We are releasing old beliefs and seeing the truth behind the stories and myths we have embraced our entire lives, as a part of our old identities and as aspects of our cultural mythology.

We are remembering our personal value, and this memory of the preciousness of who we truly are is helping us see the value in all people and, as such, the importance of all life and faith.

2020 brought great chaos and confusion, but shock of 2020 is wearing off and we’re beginning to understand that we are in a massive cycle of rebirth.  We are not returning to the old ways.  We are not who we used to be.  We will have time to grieve along the way, but the planets are demanding we get to work!

The grieving process can feel unpredictable, emotional, and draining.  We will need to factor in ways to process, integrate, and allow for self-compassion – and compassion for others – as we strengthen our endurance, access our sustainability, and cultivate perseverance.

We are consciously and deliberately crafting a new personal and collective narrative.

This new narrative inspires us and calls us forth from the void been drifting in. We cannot afford to descend into the luxury of victimhood, blame, old patterns, or responses.  This is powerful, transformative energy inviting us to find gratitude in the moment, to receive the lessons we’ve been given with grace, and to keep move forward.

Heal Karmic PatternsIt’s time to face the painful consequences of our past actions and repay old debts, in order to stabilize our society and to rebuild with harmony.  This is a powerful time of karmic alignment that calls for deep introspection and transparency.  We must heal the trauma of the past to be able to realign with integrity and justice for all, so we may move forward with grace, clarity, and equality.

We are transforming our economy and reconciling our relationship with power and money.  With a brand-new metric of value, we no longer measure value on the material plane, but instead the currency of our new economy is discovering how we can amplify our well-being and use it to increase the quality of life and well-being of others.

We can no longer afford to see ourselves as separate from others. We are building a global and eco-centric economy.  To take the first vital steps in laying the foundation for a more equitable and sustainable world, we have to humbly admit that we are

This year we begin to build a world filled with collaborative and co-creative possibilities.  Everything begins with self-responsibility.  From a place of wholeness, and faith we can enter into agreements without hidden agendas or the need to prove our value.

We must approach this year with the question: How can I best serve the world? Once we reclaim our value and gifts that only we can give the world, we can see our irreplaceable role in the cosmic plan, and we can then commit to serving the world at our highest level because this place of service is also the place where we experience the deepest joy. This is the natural response to doing the inner work.

We are playing a long game and faith sustains us in the process.

It will take tremendous courage this year to look at the dismantling and trust that, once we take things apart, there will be something better to build in its place.  We must be willing to collaborate, explore, and experiment.  We will be taking giant leaps of faith.

Our blessings this year will be amplified when we are willing to transform our old stories into a narrative that is truly worthy of who we are.

Faith stabilizesFaith stabilizes everything.  Faith gives us the power to face potential emotional volatility and to trust that we can slice through the intensity bringing harmony to situations that feel unstable while we keep the “big picture” in mind.  We must endure, even if we are in unfamiliar territory, questioning our definition of momentum and progress.  Always trust and have faith that there is a bigger story unfolding.

We are on the cusp of a Creative Revolution that will, in time, be compared to the Scientific Revolution. We are on the edge of building the world we’ve been dreaming of since we were children.  Innocence and joy are our key elements of creative power, and faith holds us steady.  It is from the playfulness of possibility thinking that the leading edge of a revolution and our evolution in consciousness will be advanced forward. We must act from the place of playfulness, believing—knowing—that evolution in consciousness will advance all of humanity forward.

2021 is the year we must do the inner work of clearing our old karma in order to be better able to translate Truth into action on the planet. Together, in faith, we will change the world, one shift in consciousness at a time.  Once we make these vital shifts, the next right action steps will be revealed.

As always, take care of yourselves.  Be generous to yourself and fill your own cup so that you have more to share. Trust in abundance, faith, and “enough-ness” and keep doing the right thing, even if you’re—especially if you’re—quaking in your boots.

From my Heart to Yours,


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Jamila Jamie

Jamila Jamie joined the team in 2020 and is now the Director of the Quantum Alignment System™, which is the advanced integrated Professional Training created by Karen Curry Parker that blends the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Quantum Human Design™, subtle body therapies (quantum essential oils & quantum flower essences) and traditional coaching. She is the point of contact from the moment you sign up for QAS Professional Training all the way through Certification. Jamila is the creator of the powerful Flower Essences used in this program.

Jamila is a 2/4 Time Bender (Manifesting Generator), Mother of one son, three precious fur babies 🐶🐾 and in true Time Bender fashion is a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

She is a Quantum Energist, Certified Homeopath, Quantum Alignment System Practitioner & Quantum Human Design Specialist as well as certified in numerous other energy healing and psychology techniques.

From as long as she can remember she was always able to see and know things about people by being able to “read” their energy. An avid learner and self-proclaimed geek, she has been delving in Human Design for over 10 years and uses this as the guidepost in all her work.

Jamila is also the creator of Quantum Essences. A unique and powerful holistic line of what her clients call “magical potions” 🪄 that elevate energy healing and help you realign with your energy template.

Jamila has written for several established websites and magazines. It is her passion to help women liberate their energy and take back their power, so they live authentically…Bold, Fierce, & Free.

Kristin Anne

Kristin Anne joined the team in 2020 and is now the Chief Operating Officer (COO) overseeing and managing the daily operations of the Quantum Alignment System, LLC in its purpose and mission of waking people up to their innate creativity and unlimited possibility through modeling and teaching grace, contribution and alignment with the Cosmic Plan.

Kristin is Made to Love ❤️ it’s what she does, it’s Who she is. She even has it tattooed on her left forearm so it’s the first thing she sees when waking up every day as a reminder of why she’s here. Everything she does, says and shares is from the abundance and overflow of Love that just oozes out of her (and not because her life has been all sunshine and roses, it’s her dark days and life experiences that have refined her into the Light she is today.) It’s why regardless of what her day was like or what’s going on in the world she can lay her head down at night and wake up each morning in deep deep gratitude for being Alive and still having people in her life that she gets to Love and serve.

She now gets the honor and privilege of being the person in people’s lives that she used to wish was in hers. She has over 20 years of business management and administration experience. She’s obsessed with process improvement, organization, streamlining, simplification, details and communication. (Oh and Checklists! ✅ Can’t forget the checklists.)

She’s a 2/4 Time Bender (Manifesting Generator), Gemini Sun & Moon and Leo Rising, Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, Yoga and Reiki Practitioner. She is also a wife to an amazing and supportive partner, Momma of two precious fur babies 🐶🐾 and Soul Sister to many incredible friends who she considers family, a bunch of who she’s met through the beautiful and amazing community that Karen has built.

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