The 1 Secret to Feeling Fear and Doing It Anyway

Feeling Fear and Doing It Anyway image from the Quantum Alignment Show

Quantum Alignment Show: The 1 Secret to Feeling Fear & Doing It Anyway 

 Feel fear and do it anyway? Are you afraid? Are you able to let yourself feel fear?

You might be feeling fear and not realize it.

I have found that feeling fear is the major reason why we don’t fulfill our full potential.

We are trained to tackle the symptoms of misalignment. We try to change our patterns, habits, and medicate or “heal” pain, but you can’t permanently remove misalignment if you don’t treat it on multiple energetic levels.

We try to feeling fear and just do it anyway but there’s more to the story. We have to change the meaning and that’s the 1 way to move forward without damage.

Simply put, you can’t just change your physical reality and expect permanent change if you don’t also change on a quantum level.

When you’re feeling fear you have to give it a new meaning so that you can create a different experience of it and THEN do it anyway.

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Karen Curry Parker, Founder & Creator

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